Custom Homes Checklist

Silver Label HealthyBuilt Custom Home

Silver Label HealthyBuilt Custom Home

Imagine coming home to a space that is tailor-made to suit your family’s needs, the storage is ample, the air cleaner and the layout designed for optimal use. Custom homes can provide all of these features, and more. But before you can find yourself sleeping peacefully in your dream home, you must select the right custom home builder for the job.

Clarify Your Objectives

One of the most essential concerns you must first consider is why you are building this home. Whether it’s all about getting exactly what you want, being in complete control over what goes into the house from insulation to Energy Star appliances or living on the land you purchased that has yet to be developed, your home builder must understand these needs.

Consider Green Upgrades

Many builders can–working from experience and expertise in cutting-edge green home features—even suggest HealthyBuilt upgrades and alterations to the construction of your home while still working within your budget. Getting what you want is a realistic goal, as is creating a healthier environment for your family and incorporating practices that are best for the planet. It is absolutely possible, all without added costs to your bottom line.

Clearly Communicate

Having your home custom built doesn’t happen over night, so make sure that the lines of communication with your builder are open and that you are willing to work together for several months. An open line of communication also means that both you and your builder are in agreement over the realistic timeline of your project. It may be good to look at your builder’s track record in this case: do they have a history of promising deadlines upon which they cannot deliver, or are they known for finishing things up ahead of schedule?

Confide in Your Builder

Since you have taken the time and care of selecting so many of the details that you want in your custom home, but most likely cannot personally be on site each week, it is important to have confidence that your builder will be there. This is yet another instance in which it is vital to make sure that you are on the same page with your custom home builder. Your key point of contact should be empowered to act on your behalf day in and day out, and you should be made to feel confident that you are getting everything you want.

Consider Your Location

Custom builds in the Western North Carolina area can also produce various obstacles to building on your particular site. For an experienced North Carolina home builder, like Brock, such issues as finding that the site is situated on bedrock, uneven ground or displaced ground from ancient landslides are challenges that they’ve seen before and are prepared to face. But if your builder has experience building only on flat land, the ultimate safety and stability of your home may be questionable.

Deciding to have your home custom built is a heavy commitment. But that does not mean it won’t be an exciting and rewarding process. With the right teams, tools and expectations in place, your home can be everything you ever wanted. Your satisfaction at the end of the day is what makes Brock Builders tick; it’s why we do what we do. Our passion in every home build is giving you what you want. Seeing your reactions throughout the process should be rewarding for all parties. We understand how vital it is that we get every detail right, which is why we are on site constantly, and willing to work out the details with you every step of the way.

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In spite of our inexperience and indecision, in spite of the fact that we were rarely present during the construction, your hard work and attention to detail turned out a marvelous result. We always felt comfortable that your intent was always to do the right thing and we appreciate the fact that we could always trust you. You are truly men of your word. You weren't happy until we were!
~Pat and Dorothy Ryan