Home Remodeling Checklist

Remodel Raised Ceiling and Spray Foam Insulation

Remodel Raised Ceiling and Spray Foam Insulation

Think about all of the things you love about your home, and then all of the things you don’t. Perhaps you’ve always wanted bigger closets, a more open floor plan, a cutting-edge kitchen, smart home technology features or to reduce annual energy expenditures. Whether you want to add space while restoring your home to its original splendor, or modernize your home while adding HealthyBuilt features, selecting the right home builder is vital to your home remodel.

Marry Vision With Passion

As a homeowner, you likely have a few vices with your home, but ultimately, you love it. So when selecting your home builder, finding someone who has the same respect for your home, and the same excitement surrounding its potential as yourself, be sure to consider all that is entailed. From timelines, to budgets and restorations to advancements, making changes to your home’s structure, layout and aesthetic should be an exciting and rewarding process. And with the right builder on the job, it can be.

Communicate Your Expectations

Getting what you want from a home remodel vs. having a home custom built is typically the cheaper of your options. But if the lines of communication and expectations are not clearly drawn out between you and your home remodel expert, you will be far less likely to be happy with the end results. Consider your builder’s experience and track record. While some home builders are less than reputable, a highly recommended firm like Brock Builders can often help you to exceed your expectations, incorporating cutting edge and green features into your remodel, all within the confines of your budget.

Choose an Experienced Builder

Each home comes with its own set of challenges, so consider the complexity of the location of your home, or the attention to detail required to maintain existing features. Trusting that the building firm you choose can successfully manage concerns like these means considering their history. Experienced builders in the hills Western North Carolina are comfortable facing challenges of building around the landscape, in hard to reach locations or with the preservation of an historic structure in mind. A builder whose experience is limited to building on flat land may have the greatest of intentions, but simply lack the know-how.

Selecting the home builder for your remodel is all about finding someone whose vision for your home connects with your own and who is passionate about giving you the results you’re paying for.

Brock Builders is one of Asheville’s foremost luxury and HealthyBuilt home builders, because owner Chris Brock cares deeply about each project. He is passionate about giving you what you want, and personally overseeing the process to deliver what he promises.

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Brock Builders has consistently proven their commitment to quality and attention to detail through superior craftsmanship and spot-on budgeting. That combined with their focus on building strong relationships with the client and working as a solid team with the architect puts them at the top of my list for builders I recommend.
~Amy Conner-Murphy,
Architect AIA