Home Remodeling Portfolio

While a custom built home can provide design features specifically catered to your needs, a home remodel can address the very same issues. Whether you are interested in restoring your home’s old charm, or updating it with the latest technologies, Brock Builders can bring expertise and experience in both categories to the table.

Some of the most popular additions to a home renovation include the incorporation of solar panels, tankless water heaters, smart home technology systems and other green home features that may even be eligible for current tax credits.

Bathroom Remodel by Brock Builders

Major Home Remodel Under Construction

This is a short video slideshow of a major home remodel we are doing just outside of Asheville. We will be adding photos of this project when it is complete.

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In spite of our inexperience and indecision, in spite of the fact that we were rarely present during the construction, your hard work and attention to detail turned out a marvelous result. We always felt comfortable that your intent was always to do the right thing and we appreciate the fact that we could always trust you. You are truly men of your word. You weren't happy until we were!
~Pat and Dorothy Ryan