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Brock Builders Chosen for The Cliffs Signature Services

Friday, April 30th, 2010 | Custom Home Construction | No Comments

Brock is Cliffs ApprovedThe Cliffs communities are some of  the finest and most beautiful in all of the Carolinas. So it is with great pride that we are announcing that Brock Builders has been selected as one of the highly qualified custom home builders chosen for recommendation by The Cliffs Signature Services.

The Cliffs Signature Services was created to aid property owners in the navigation of their Cliffs home building process by rec0mmending highly qualified builders, architectural designers and interior design firms.

Choosing the right home builder is essential to creating your dream Cliffs home.  Brock Builders is well-renowned  in Western North Carolina for their experience and expertise in custom home builds.

For more information about building your dream home in one of The Cliffs exclusive communities, please visit

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Tips for a Successful Remodel

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010 | Home Remodeling | 2 Comments
Raised Ceiling With Spray Foam Insulation Remodel

Raised Ceiling Remodel With Spray Foam Insulation

Working with an experienced and well-respected builder can help ensure that things go as smoothly as possible.  But before the work begins on your home remodel there are still a few points to clarify with your custom home builder to make sure that everyone is on the same page.

Weekly Check-Ins

Establishing the expectation of holding weekly meetings will keep you up-to-date.  Your home builder has eyes on every aspect of your home remodel.  Spending just a few minutes together each week will keep you in the loop on all progress.

Nominate a Decision Maker

In cases where a critical decision must be made without notice, your builder needs to know which of you to approach, and how to reach you.  Typically, one member of the family has final say in matters of design or even price.  Knowing who that is, will save valuable time and help things to get done right the first time.

Photograph Everything Beforehand

Taking pictures of your entire home’s existing condition before a remodel can ensure that everyone is on the same page after completion.  While going back over things after the fact could uncover a crack or flaw that may or may not have been there previously, the pictures will give everyone a reference point.

Map Things Out

Messes are made when things have no place to go.  The same goes for a construction site.  Designate where delivery trucks should park, where tools can be stored and which areas are off-limits to workers.

Set Standards for Cleanliness

Reputable home builders like Brock will take careful measure to protect areas of the property you may not have considered, like the landscaping.  They will also have end-of-day clean-up procedures and take care in practicing dust-containment procedures.

Keep Children and Pets Safe

A construction site is not where you want to find your child or pet.  Make arrangements to keep entrances to construction zones off-limits for your little loved ones.

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Wood Frame Homes Win

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 | Custom Home Construction | No Comments
A Brock Builders Wood Frame

Brock Wood Frame Home

The surge of innovative new materials to the home building market may have you wondering whether a wood frame is the best choice for your new custom built home.  The experts agree, wood frames win.

Natural and engineered wood products provide unmatched structural strength and safety.  Even after its long reign at the top, wood is still considered the primary choice for residential and even commercial building structures.

Here are some of the top benefits to using a wood frame for your new home build:

Wood is Affordable

Wood is one of the most affordable and available choices for your home’s frame.  While lower-priced prefabricated wood products are growing in popularity, framing wood is available in a wide range of types and price points.

Wood is Available

Wood and wood based products are in great supply and easy to find.

Wood is Adjustable

Wood products can also be easily cut down to meet a job’s specifications, while other materials may be more difficult to alter.

Wood is Strong

Innovations in wood products and in the way that wood is used in framing a structure mean greater strength than ever.  Wood framed houses have even been shown to survive hurricane winds and earthquakes.

The facts are in; wood materials make great home frames, but be sure to consult an experienced home builder to help select the best products for your new home.

We at Brock Builders have the experience and expertise to help you select the best products for your home build.

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Tips for Choosing a General Contractor in Asheville

Monday, June 8th, 2009 | General Contractors | No Comments

A few themes come up again and again on a custom home building project. We have arranged them here into a short and useful checklist. Each item can help you avoid headaches during the process of building a custom home.

Custom Home by Brock Builders

Asheville Custom Home by Brock Builders

1) Timing. Time is money – and sticking to budget means sticking to schedule. The first question you should be asking the general contractor is how long he thinks the project will take. It is standard practice to provide start and stop dates that account for some weather delays. Also, don’t forget to ask what else your custom home builder is working on; if the builder is spread too thin your project may not get the attention it deserves.

2) Experience and Expertise. How long has the general contractor been building custom homes? Does he have a portfolio he can share with you, and references? Do they specialize in high-end custom homes? Additionally, if you’re building in an area like Western North Carolina you may need someone whose expertise lies in building on challenging lots – our mountains are beautiful, but they don’t always make it easy. You don’t want to find out, after the fact, that your general contractor does not have experience with complex foundations.

3) Supervision. Who, exactly, will be managing the construction of your custom home? It’s preferable to have a Project Manager – or one central point-person – managing the work, resources, and subcontractors. We all know the old adage about too many cooks in the kitchen spoiling the broth. Mistakes can be costly, particularly if they’re not caught until later in the construction process.

4) Collaboration and Communication. Do you already have an architect, or are you looking for one? Is this something the general contractor can help you with? You, the architect, and the builder all need to work well together. And communication is key. To travel from concept to concrete reality, you must all speak the same language. Further, you must speak it frequently – via email, phone, and regularly scheduled, face-to-face meetings.

5) Budgeting. Your home is a big investment, and the general contractor should be qualified for the job. You need to set your budget, and your builder needs to stick to it. Once a final budget is agreed upon, what’s the next step? Also, what does your contract include? Ideally, it should include delivery dates and other essential details. Further, (since he’ll be in charge of the purse strings) what is the builder’s financial experience, if any? Look for a general contractor who will use the industry standard AIA (American Institute of Architects) contract. It includes delivery dates and other essential details.

Use this checklist to narrow your list of builders who have the expertise and experience to help you build your custom home.

We are looking for stories about custom home building – both the glory and the misadventures. If you have a good story about your experience building a custom home, consider emailing us or leaving it in a comment.

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