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Green Landscaping Adds Great Value

Thursday, March 4th, 2010 | Green Building | No Comments
Native Rhododendron Calendulaceum

Native Rhododendron Calendulaceum

One of the easiest and too often overlooked ways to add green-value to your HealthyBuilt home build is through the incorporation of native and organic landscaping.  The use of native, drought-resistant plants is quickly becoming a best-practice for saving money and doing your part for saving the planet.

Better Plants

The shift from reliance upon chemicals for healthy, beautiful greenery towards the use of processes that more closely resemble what nature intended will actually help to harness the plants’ naturally defenses and result in stronger, healthier plants.

Better Value

The use of native species and good planning to incorporate the plants into the space you’re working with can help cut down on unnecessary time and financial expenditure for maintenance.

You may even wind up saving money in ways you never expected—proper placement of the right trees can actually help reduce cooling and heating costs!  So in short, well thought out landscaping means less work, less money and less waste winding up on its way to the landfill.

Better ROI

Another great reason to invest in a healthy, green landscape is the ROI you will see in the form of added value to the home.  Typically, the full cost of landscaping, if not more, can be recouped at resale.  As a rule of thumb in the real estate market, the right landscaping can easily translate into a 10% increase in property value.

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Green Building and the HealthyBuilt Homes Program

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009 | Green Building | 1 Comment
Custom home by general contractor Brock Builders - Certified HealthyBuilt Home

Custom home by general contractor Brock Builders - Certified HealthyBuilt Home

While many homeowners strive to conserve energy with efficient light bulbs or low-flow shower heads, the real opportunities to make a home truly energy and cost efficient start with the design, planning and construction processes.

Asheville-area home builder Brock Builders is currently constructing HealthyBuilt Homes, the newest example of “green building” and sustainable living in North Carolina. Learn more about exciting new opportunities available to conserve energy and materials in your next home in our full-length article on green building and the HealthyBuilt Homes process.

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