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Top Five Reasons for a Bathroom Remodel

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010 | Home Remodeling | No Comments
Natural Stone Shower

Natural Stone Shower

If you’re considering renovating your home, you may want to include that master bath remodel you’ve been dreaming of for years.  Bathroom remodels don’t just deliver the calming, relaxing space you always wanted; they are also surefire ways to add equity to your home.

Smart Investment

Though the housing market is continuing to the mend, bathroom remodels still prove smart investments.  Many homeowners are even choosing to add or remodel bathrooms to their existing home in favor of selling.  After all, the average bathroom remodel can produce a 71% ROI.

Smaller is Better

Smaller homes with smarter use of space are becoming all the rage in home design, making the incorporation of extra bathrooms in your current home an easier feat, as there will be fewer square feet acquired by the new bathrooms.  Even renovating your master bath can be much less stressful if you are less concerned about square footage and more concerned about the use of natural materials and addition of smart storage.

Smaller is Sustainable

Smaller bathrooms require simpler sinks, tubs and fixtures so as not to overwhelm the space.  In terms of tubs, simpler tends to also mean smaller, which will save money and water.  There is also more emphasis on the use of eco-friendly toilets, showerheads and faucets.

Sharing is Caring

Another popular bathroom trend is isolating the toilet in a separate water closet.  This makes the bath and vanity space useful even when the toilet is occupied.

Earth Tones Add Warmth

With the incorporation of more eco-friendly materials throughout the home, earth toned stone flooring is becoming an increasingly popular choice in bathrooms.  Small, sterile bathrooms can feel cold and uninviting, but the use of warm hues and natural stone can make the space feel warm and spa-like, no matter the size.

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Large Home Remodeling Project Video

Sunday, June 21st, 2009 | Home Remodeling, Videos | No Comments

We put together this video showing some images of a major home remodel we have underway. This has been a fun, and challenging, project so far. Some rooms have been added and many Marvin windows installed. One of the more interesting features of this remodel is the outdoor pizza oven. We have also added some architectural features such as a large shed dormer and raised ceiling in the great room.

We’ll post more about this remodel as it nears completion. Stay tuned for some “after” photos and videos.

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