New Home Trends

Trends in Custom Homes Offer Innovative Techniques

2009 building trends have seen quite a few changes from the recent years of opulence and grandiose residences. While many homeowners still enjoy elegant living, it is not the showy products that are popular, but rather the increase and focus on sustainable living and practical spaces. With several builder trends moving away from the McMansions and onto green building, smaller homes and flex spaces, new homes are an improved version of what once was.

Outdoor living space - Custom home by Brock Builders

Outdoor living space - Custom home by Brock Builders

Smaller Homes
The old adage of less is more is not always true, but with many trends in new homes, this is becoming more and more popular. Smaller doesn’t necessarily equal less quality, but having a smaller footprint can often create a larger impact on saving resources, time and money. With the rise of open floor plans, many smaller homes are still just as functional as larger ones, but are more practical in layout and functionality.

Flex Space
It might be a home office to you or a library to another, but whatever the reason, flex space is a frequent addition to new floor plans. A qualified general contractor can assist in altering a plan’s flex space to fit your needs. Work with your builder to create a black-out room for home theaters or the builder trend of built-in furniture and French doors for the home office.

With homes shrinking in size, storage remains a top priority among 2009 building trends. While closets are important, many homeowners are turning to the attic as a new functional space. Often thought of as dead space, the walk-out attic can now become additional square footage to store more than Christmas ornaments and old clothes.

Outdoor Living/Outdoor Rooms

You don’t need a sprawling back yard to have an enjoyable outdoor living area. Functional living space can include everything from an outdoor kitchen and fireplace, to a comfortable seating area and a water feature. How you choose to spend your time outdoors is entirely customizable with your vision and local home builder’s prowess. The recent increase in home technology and green building also expands to outdoor living spaces. Wire your outdoor room for football games and movies, while enjoying delicious meals and an on-site recycling station.

Green Features
One of the largest builder trends practiced today is green building. Whether the home is entirely green, such as a HealthyBuilt Home, or includes tankless water heaters, recycled materials, rainwater collection systems or energy-efficient appliances, green home builders are in high demand and with recent energy tax credits, any-size home can do its part to conserve energy.

Several other trends in new homes include the addition of technology throughout the home such as in security systems, cameras, built-in speakers and other technological conveniences. Custom kitchen design is still one of the most popular home building trends and includes functional spaces rather than rarely-used rooms, such as the formal dining room. Desks, computers, cell-phone recharging stations and multi-use islands are all easy additions yet popular examples of functional custom kitchen designs.

Trends in new homes come and go, but how you live in your home is always the most important part of any new home build.